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HR powered by humans

We are hands-on HR leaders, change-makers, business consultants and work place relations specialists. We  provide human-centric solutions to organisations through our HR outsourcing services.

What makes us different

Every recommendation we make has been tested internally on our company

Leading by example, we invest in every HR strategy and solution for our business before we recommend it to you.

We test and refine, then test and refine again until we know each technique, process and methodology inside and out. This means that you can trust that we will only deliver HR solutions that have proven success.

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Our priority is your people

There is a reason why we named our business HumanX HR. We understand that the key to success for every organisation is its people.

When you engage us to manage your HR function, you will be entrusting us with your most valuable asset - your people. We take this very seriously. We adopt best practice and trusted methodologies to elevate the human experience at work.

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We know how to implement best practice HR in a cost effective manner

Partnering with a diverse portfolio of clients of different sizes and industries allows us to see the good, the bad and ugly of HR.

We know how to build best practice HR frameworks in the most cost effective manner. There is no guessing, procrastinating or trial and error. We diagnose the maturity and issues within your HR function and deploy tailored solutions specific to your organisation.

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Our Focus at HumanX

At HumanX, our focus is to design and implement strategic, human-centric solutions to support people, teams and drive business outcomes. Our team of HR consultants and specialists collaborate to deliver tailored solutions in Outsourced HR, Employee Relations, L&D and more. We're dedicated to impactful results, earning recognition and creating impact to elevate the human experience in the workplace.

Our Culture

We’re grounded by the philosophy that when our people grow, our company grows. HumanX is passionately focused on its people, both in delivering exceptional HR services to our clients and in cultivating a remarkable workplace for our team. We invest significantly in developing our staff, aiming to shape them into outstanding HR professionals.

Our greatest strength lies in our team, where we value honesty and a straightforward approach. We value diversity and our common origins branch out into unique journeys and experiences, creating a tapestry of perspectives that enrich our workplace. This diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated, contributing to our ability to collectively curate a human experience at work that is meaningful, inclusive, and deeply impactful.

We embrace our unmistakably human nature where interesting conversations flow freely, laughter is our soundtrack, and we never run out of snacks. Authenticity, humour and food are the love languages that create an environment for our creativity, communication and connection to thrive.

Our commitment to each other and the care we have for our craft drives us and translates to the ambitious, innovative and intentional experiences and outcomes we create for ourselves and with our clients.

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We’re driven by our values

Faster and further together

Connection is our love language. We are committed to working collaboratively with our clients and with each other; operating with radical candour and transparency.

Great minds don't think alike

We capitalise on our collective: our natural abilities and our diverse life experiences. It's our natural state of flow where we find limitless inspiration and creativity.

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We embrace our unique personality, with purpose: we show up with intention and passion. It's our energy and our vibe that is full of professionalism, humour and authenticity.

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"The team at HumanX HR have been absolutely invaluable in supporting City Recital Hall's business and people. They bring deep knowledge to their work matched by warmth, humour and insight. Highly recommend HumanX for outsourced HR services, they're the best at what they do!"

Justin Boschetti

Chief Executive Officer, City Recital Hall

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