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Exiting an employee can be a vital part of change and progression. But it is also a burden and takes a toll if shouldered alone. HumanX’s workplace termination consultants help to promote stability and sound decision making. Our experts develop confidence in leaders, decision makers and all the way through your teams, protecting workplace morale and advocating communication.

Workplace terminations are not transactional

Your team makes the world go ‘round – and that’s why it can feel complex and daunting when you reach the end of the road with an employee.

Exiting an employee can be a vital part of change and progression. It can often be the case that terminating an employee is the best course of action, for all parties involved. But it is also a burden and takes a toll if shouldered alone.

HumanX’s workplace termination consultants help to promote stability and sound decision making. Our experts develop confidence in leaders, decision makers and all the way through your teams, protecting workplace morale and advocating communication. HumanX’s human-first approach to HR and workplace terminations provides the empathy and expertise to exit employees lawfully.

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Looking at the big picture and the fine details when it comes to workplace terminations

The decision to end the relationship with an employee can come around quickly, or it can be something that’s been discussed and perhaps even procrastinated for a long time.

Whatever has lead to your current situation, it’s imperative to consider every angle and every compliance-requirement before diving into those big conversations. At HumanX HR, we believe that you owe it to your teams and your managers to enter an employee termination equipped with all the facts, leaving no room for jargon, miscommunications and costly errors that could put every other individual at risk.

Professional workplace termination consultants guide companies through every step of this process, looking at all the critical documents, all the legal requirements and all the potential risks. Together, using the tools of human-first HR, we can move forward effectively, continuing to build a positive workplace experience for all.

Employee termination process with HumanX


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Each situation that leads you to pursue employee termination has its own sensitivities and specifics. HumanX HR pride ourselves on considering every angle, but also from diligently handling each workplace termination with the personalisation it deserves. To do this, we will dive into understanding the structure of your organisation, history, your in-place HR policies and the process so far. We’ll make it our mission to understand the workplace from an employee perspective.


Compliance checks

We’ll conduct interviews and determine their employment status, whether the employee is covered by a modern award or enterprise agreement, their length of employment, their remuneration, their disciplinary history, their protected attributes and whether the employee has exercised any workplace rights. Once we’ve got a clear-cut picture of how your team works and what their roles look like, we’ll start assessing the risks involved with the upcoming termination. Working closely by your side to manage every risk, we will devise the strategy so that you can make informed decisions that work well for your needs. We work closely with decision makers and those who will be involved in implementing this decision, coaching and developing communication skills to ensure the best possible outcome and best possible experience.


Long-term partners

At HumanX, we believe in long- term relationships with our clients; following an employee termination, we can work closely to develop a HR strategy that propels your mission and strengthens your teams. We can also help you cover any HR policy gaps, recruitment requirements and improve performance management processes that may have been identified in this process.

Terminating an employee affects more than just the individual

It is possible to exit an employee and still be a first-choice company for candidates with longstanding team members that are advocates. Our workplace termination consultants can make it possible.

But the key is you have to consider the bigger picture; workplace morale, culture, communication, overall employee relations and the step your business is going to take after employee termination. We can break this down into the immediate process for employee termination and a longer term plan, supported by our Outsourced HR teams.

You’re never going to be able to stop individuals from chatting, especially those who have a personal relationship or friendship with the exiting employee. HumanX will help you focus on what you can control, the experiences you can improve and the growth you can bring about.

When it comes down to it, termination goes hand-in-hand with good leadership. A great leader has to bear the weight of every organisational decision on their shoulders, and termination is purely a part of the leadership cycle. HumanX HR can support your organisation in reshaping the structure, transitioning employees, implementing workplace reviews and every other corner where great business is created.

How does a Workplace Relations consultant support you during a termination of employment?

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HumanX can play a supporting role or assist in administering the process during termination of employment. 

Prior to the termination, we discuss with you the risks and requirements so that you can confidently undertake the process knowing the risk profile and potential implications of the termination. 

For more information about the termination process, please read our guide.

Why is it important to speak to a Workplace Relations consultant?

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Ending the working relationship with an employee must always be handled sensitively and professionally. Without speaking to a Workplace Relations consultant, it is easy for these situations to become emotionally-led and a little out of hand. This can lead to mistakes, misunderstandings and risk for the company. 

Similarly, it is imperative that the process undertaken is consistent with the requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009, amongst other things. Failing to do so can result in costly legal action being taken against your company, not to mention reputational damage and the impact on team morale. 

Working with an experienced HR firm like HumanX provides organisations confidence in their decisions. Our experts are able to provide unbiased support to ensure that any next steps are procedurally sound. HumanX can  guide your team through the process, mitigating risks to your organisation.

We work with leaders, managers and HR professionals to create internal frameworks that guide processes to be adopted when terminating employees. We can coach your teams to manage these tough conversations in a way that’s sensitive and fair. 

The impact of a termination at work won’t just be felt by the individual. Every company should have a communication strategy in place to manage the repercussions to wider teams. As HR experts, HumanX can also help here.

Our Clients say it best

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"I was impressed with HumanX's outsourced HR services. Their team was knowledgeable and tailored their approach to our needs, significantly improving our HR processes. Highly recommend for any business seeking expert HR support."

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Do you recognise your company in any of these scenarios?

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Our HR is too Toby-from-the-office

Everyone has strengths, both as professionals and as people. There are many situations in which using an external HR consultant is a more effective option.

Ultimately, HR can be a tricky position to hold in an organisation; striking the balance between employee-support and communicating the company’s message; empathy versus becoming an agony aunt; being the champion of culture whilst also being the person managing risk.

Bringing in HumanX to support your team means that everyone can play to their strengths. Our experts can create space for critical conversations, feedback honestly, without agenda, and help leaders make decisions based on real information. We can support Toby with performance management plans and work to achieve company goals together.

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Our HR department needs support

Modern HR leaders require skills in project management, business strategy, commercial awareness, coaching, talent management, compliance and workplace relations, remuneration, learning and development, and of course recruitment.

Outsourced HR experts can support the internal team without the distractions of politics, everyday requests and growing to do lists. Able to operate as an independent squad with a single focus or integrate into the team and fly alongside the existing HR managers to lead and deliver on projects, new initiatives or help cope with capacity.

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Need to get more out of the experts you already have

For business leaders who are craving space – both time and brain-space - a great HR team will understand that it is their job to enable people to do their best work. Choosing the right talent (or inviting the right talent to choose your business), designing a best-in-class learning and development program, and ensuring that your remuneration strategy is on point will help.

The gamechanger: coaching your leaders. This is the space where humans will grow, engage, and find their superpowers. Coaching is a skill in itself, it’s not every leader’s natural state. Great HR professionals have been equipped with coaching skills and understand that coaching is an ego-less journey that is critical to developing exceptional leaders. Structured coaching programs are a brilliant extra, but coaching in the workflow, and in day-to-day interactions between HR and leaders is a valuable must-have.

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My team tells me that communication needs improvement

If your team is feeding back to you that communication in the organisation needs improvement, they’re trying to tell you (without risking their jobs) that your communication needs improvement. Whether this is your communication directly, or as a leadership team, or simply internal systems and processes are not effective at allowing the flow of information, we can help.

Bringing external HR experts into a situation like this is efficient; we are able to zoom out and diagnose issues and challenges - from communication that may be causing frustration and high employee turnover to the root cause of disengagement. Better than that, we will also work with your organisation to develop the HR function to resolve any concerns, improve processes and mature the company’s approach to your people.

Make your company stronger. Starting with your people.

As a human-first human resources agency, HumanX HR is a team with cutting-edge knowledge up its sleeve. Armed with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to employee relations and facilitating tough conversations, HumanX's HR Consultants will help you handle hurdles, new opportunities and the ways of modern working with ease.

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