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Client Journey

Path to success with HumanX

Want to know what it’s like to be on the HumanX client journey? Discover the HR outsourcing roadmap.

Begin your journey to elevate your workplace

We design outsourced HR solutions to suit the  aspirations, needs and culture of our clients.  We work in teams, designing high-impact touchpoints along your path to success. We move faster and further together, communicating  with radical candour and transparency.

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Meet your team

You’ve decided to work with us, welcome! We will allocate a HR Leader as your primary point of contact, alongside a dedicated team of experts to build a HR capability that is bespoke to your needs.

Planning for launch

You will receive an introductory pack, including a project plan or HR roadmap, a Meet the team deck to share with your team, and an agenda for a kick-off session to launch the engagement.

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Kick-off: Let’s go!

All great relationships start with a great first-date. We facilitate a session for you to meet your HR crew, check-in on engagement scope, plans and ensure we’re on the same page about what success looks like. We will define communication methods and cadence, and agree on next steps.

Confirming logistics & access

If we’re in an outsourced HR relationship, we will operate in your tech environment. That means our very own email address @yourcompany, access to your HR systems and communications channels. If we’re partnering for a project, we may identify a digital space to share information and project plans.

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Work-in-progress (WIP) meetings are set weekly or fortnightly to ensure there is a regular touch-point for progress reporting, risk management, decision-making, and strategy design.


We will monitor agreed Success Indicators and report on a regular rhythm in a way that is relevant to your business. This may look like Board reporting, executive reporting, dashboard or scorecard reporting.

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Your senior Client Relationship Manager will seek out feedback, check in with you on a quarterly basis to ensure we’re on track to achieve your vision, and be available for ad hoc catch ups to celebrate wins, strategise for the future, or work on our relationship.

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