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Contemporary HR policies should reflect the tone of your organisation and culture. Beautifully designed and easy to navigate, our philosophy to HR policies is that they should be more than enforceable documents. They should be living and breathing documents guiding humans in the workplace.

More than just a box to tick

For a lot of businesses, workplace policies exist in an induction manual only. Tick boxes to get through during onboarding, induction and other major events or incidents, but they are rarely considered after that.

Although this sounds stress-free and simple - or perhaps a nice way to take the weight off your HR team - the truth is that successful companies and modern, growth-minded workplaces will be considering their HR policies with greater importance.

Your HR policies should set the tone for business, workplace culture and development. They are the foundation of who your company can become under these parameters. HR and workplace policies will be the guidelines to help your team navigate the requirements and expectations of the workplace.

And one sure-fire way to leave your company open to risk, is to rely on off-the-shelf HR policies that never evolve, are never revisited and never updated. HumanX HR assists companies develop accurate, compliant workplace policies as part of a wider HR strategy or as a result of a HR audit. We make it our job to ensure that HR policies are fit for purpose and reflect the way you want to communicate with your people.

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Customised, compliant workplace policies for your company

HumanX HR does not provide ‘one size fits all’ HR policies. We are in the business of protecting our clients through compliant,  accurate and contemporary workplace policies.

We understand the importance of communication in the workplace, developing clear and legislatively compliant HR policies provides the foundations and tone that your team can comprehend. For instance, the style, language and tone we may adopt in HR policies for one sector could be vastly different to what we may develop for an organisation in a different sector.

Remember, first impressions count. Businesses that perpetuate outdated, inaccurate and poorly executed HR policies to new starters on their first day are setting the wrong tone. Let us help you set the right one.

Developing HR policies, together


Let's talk

Working with an external human resources agency like HumanX HR can take your workplace policies to the next level. First, we will discuss what you’re looking to get out of working together. This is an important step, because it’s often the case that HR policy development is a part of bigger project than you might have anticipated. We need to agree the scope and the desired outcomes from the get go to make sure our partnership is a fruitful one.


HR policies to suit you

In the thick of it will be policy writing, though we will have done a lot of research and investigation into how we can make your workplace policies accurate and supportive, specifically for your business. They need to reflect the intricacies of your organisation and industry as a whole, and this can’t be done without the zoomed-in approach that HumanX HR offers. From the importance of wording and formatting to ensuring workplace culture is reflected in the structure, there’s a lot that goes with the formulation of effective workplace policies. Different industries require varying levels of detail. As an example, a manufacturing-centric business will require an intricate approach to the workplace health and safety element, while a business that employs a wealth of remote workers will require a more fleshed-out work-from-home policy.


Ongoing support

We can also look to work as a long term partnership with ongoing development, but also coaching for teams and leaders alike. This will be designed to promote the company message, outlined in your literature, and ensure that everyone is on the same page with upholding them.

What the HumanX HR Compliance Service Looks Like

Well-written workplace policies will ensure your organisation works at its best. They are always consistent with organisational values, ensure uniformity and consistency across decision-making and operational procedures, save time when a new problem arises and foster stability, all the while clarifying functions and responsibilities. Some of the vital elements that a functional suite of workplace policies include:

  • Code of Conduct, which can outline the appropriate workplace behaviours and actions.
  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), which highlights potential risks and hazards.
  • Anti-Discrimination Policy, which promotes equal employment.
  • Privacy Policy, which ensures the protection of employee or company details.
  • Leave Policy, which refers to guidelines for accessing leave entitlements.
  • Complaints and Grievances Policy, which gives options for conflict resolution.
  • Performance Management Policy, which outlines processes for performance. management.
  • IT and Social Media Policy, which outlines the appropriate use of online platforms.

HR Policies FAQs

What are some example HR policies HumanX can provide?

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HumanX can work with your organisation to develop a full suite of workplace policies and procedures. 

The list of documents we can create would vary depending on your workplace, industry and requirements. For example, construction or site workers will have more robust workplace health and safety policies. 

There are some essential HR policies that every workplace should have, for example:

  • Bullying & Harassment 
  • Code of conduct 
  • Privacy and confidentiality 
  • Grievance 
  • Performance and discipline 
  • Employee leave 
  • Alcohol & drug 
  • Discrimination

Do workplace policies and procedures need to be unique?

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HumanX suggests that it is best practice to have HR policies and procedures that are written specifically for your business, in your tone. This will mean that they are tailored to your workplace, your ways of working, your culture and your goals. This is best practice because it also provides a business with the best opportunity to protect itself, mitigating any compliance gaps or lapse in regulations, as well as protecting its employees by having enforceable policies in place.  

However, for a young business or those with limited resources/requirements for HR policies and procedures, there are templates available that can be adapted and made fit for purpose.

How do HR policies help shape an organisation?

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The humble HR policy should not be overlooked. They set the tone to new employees, becoming a method for communicating values, expectations and culture within an organisation. Reading through certain HR policies will be a major part of a new employee's onboarding schedule - so these documents are building that first impression. 

Out of the gate, HR policies and procedures set out expectations and demonstrate transparency between employee and employer. They set out the lines of communication and create much-needed boundaries for everyone within the organisation. This is important because it helps people feel secure within their workplace. 

Moreover, people within your business should also be able to see their own values to work reflected in the documentation. This is why it’s good to review and revise HR policies and procedures on a regular basis - to showcase to your team an attitude of ongoing development and growth. 

Are HR policies available as a one-off project?

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The short answer is yes. 

HumanX can develop HR policies as a project on its own. Additionally, businesses that are considering rewriting their documentation sometimes want to do so because of an incident or other ongoing issues within the company. For example, ongoing disputes and conflict, an accident or a larger review of the HR strategy due to low morale, motivation or engagement. HumanX can certainly help you here. 

What is the difference between workplace policies and workplace procedures?

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A workplace policy is a document that will detail the company’s stance on a subject. They will set out benchmark standards, principles and rules on that topic, which translate to the company’s attitudes or values. 

HR procedures, on the other hand, can be thought of as the instructions on how to uphold those policies. These documents should offer clear action points for any team member to follow. So you can think of a workplace policy as the what and why, whilst a procedure is the how-to.

Our Clients say it best

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"I was impressed with HumanX's outsourced HR services. Their team was knowledgeable and tailored their approach to our needs, significantly improving our HR processes. Highly recommend for any business seeking expert HR support."

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Do you recognise your company in any of these scenarios?

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Our HR is too Toby-from-the-office

Everyone has strengths, both as professionals and as people. There are many situations in which using an external HR consultant is a more effective option.

Ultimately, HR can be a tricky position to hold in an organisation; striking the balance between employee-support and communicating the company’s message; empathy versus becoming an agony aunt; being the champion of culture whilst also being the person managing risk.

Bringing in HumanX to support your team means that everyone can play to their strengths. Our experts can create space for critical conversations, feedback honestly, without agenda, and help leaders make decisions based on real information. We can support Toby with performance management plans and work to achieve company goals together.

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Our HR department needs support

Modern HR leaders require skills in project management, business strategy, commercial awareness, coaching, talent management, compliance and workplace relations, remuneration, learning and development, and of course recruitment.

Outsourced HR experts can support the internal team without the distractions of politics, everyday requests and growing to do lists. Able to operate as an independent squad with a single focus or integrate into the team and fly alongside the existing HR managers to lead and deliver on projects, new initiatives or help cope with capacity.

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Need to get more out of the experts you already have

For business leaders who are craving space – both time and brain-space - a great HR team will understand that it is their job to enable people to do their best work. Choosing the right talent (or inviting the right talent to choose your business), designing a best-in-class learning and development program, and ensuring that your remuneration strategy is on point will help.

The gamechanger: coaching your leaders. This is the space where humans will grow, engage, and find their superpowers. Coaching is a skill in itself, it’s not every leader’s natural state. Great HR professionals have been equipped with coaching skills and understand that coaching is an ego-less journey that is critical to developing exceptional leaders. Structured coaching programs are a brilliant extra, but coaching in the workflow, and in day-to-day interactions between HR and leaders is a valuable must-have.

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My team tells me that communication needs improvement

If your team is feeding back to you that communication in the organisation needs improvement, they’re trying to tell you (without risking their jobs) that your communication needs improvement. Whether this is your communication directly, or as a leadership team, or simply internal systems and processes are not effective at allowing the flow of information, we can help.

Bringing external HR experts into a situation like this is efficient; we are able to zoom out and diagnose issues and challenges - from communication that may be causing frustration and high employee turnover to the root cause of disengagement. Better than that, we will also work with your organisation to develop the HR function to resolve any concerns, improve processes and mature the company’s approach to your people.

Make your company stronger. Starting with your people.

The need for rethinking your HR policies tends to fall into a couple of categories; companies that have grown naturally over time and not updated their policies and procedures. Companies who are going through a challenge like a workplace investigation or employee dispute and have identified an urgent gap that needs to be managed. Or those organisations that have restructured or grown exponentially over the last couple of years and need to think seriously about how to protect themselves and their teams.

Working with HumanX HR to develop functional workplace policies can change the foundation of your business as a whole. With expert knowledge and industry experience in every corner, HumanX HR consultants are on hand to support you.

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