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If you're an exceptional HR practitioner looking for an exciting journey in the HR consulting space then a career with HumanX could be your jam.

We’re driven by our values

Faster and further together

Connection is our love language. We are committed to working collaboratively with our clients and with each other; operating with radical candour and transparency.

Great minds don't think alike

We capitalise on our collective: our natural abilities and our diverse life experiences. It's our natural state of flow where we find limitless inspiration and creativity.

Suit without a tie

We embrace our unique personality, with purpose: we show up with intention and passion. It's our energy and our vibe that is full of professionalism, humour and authenticity.

Our Benefits

Our Healthy Workplace + Health Leave 

As a young company, we can't do it all but we want to focus on having an impact where it matters most. Creating space to access services and support is critical to a healthy workplace. 'Health leave' provides paid time for our team to take physical and mental health appointments during work hours, allowing better access to services and removing the barrier of "I don’t have time." It can be used for services such as GP, counselling, therapy, pastoral care, physio, dentist, optometrist etc. 

Our Human Value Proposition

Our mission is to create a workplace where curiosity and connection thrive, cultivating a culture of happiness, health and high performance. We believe in nurturing a fun and inclusive environment that values and rewards our team, enabling them to make an impact while living our core values.

H - Flex

Our team members at HumanX have the benefit of enjoying a 9-day fortnight at full pay for full-time employees (Applicable upon successful completion of probation). And no, this doesn’t mean 10 hour days to make up for it. We’re all about flexibility at HumanX, and supporting our team of highly engaged consultants to have options to choose at work and life.  

Xplore Career

Six-monthly Xplore sessions to set and review intentions and goals, contribution and impact, salary and work arrangements. We co-design careers and take shared responsibility for figuring out how to make it happen. 


We don't believe in birthday leave. Ahhhh...participation award? But we do value humans who commit to evolving HumanX and continue to choose us! So for every year of choosing HumanX, you will be awarded one day of Anniversary Leave, and it builds each year. Keep showing up for 5 years, that’s an extra week leave every year! 


We love a good feast, whether we’re celebrating a milestone or it’s just a Tuesday. We put energy and resources into curating connected experiences for our team weekly, fortnightly and quarterly both as a distributed team and in person.  

and Delight 

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter. Like a super snuggly hoodie in winter, an aesthetically pleasing timer to stay focused during the day, a Shouta for a coffee, a consultant first aid kit, team-matching PJs, experiences or tickets to the coolest gig in town, we love to show our gratitude and reward wins. 

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Career Opportunities

Human Resources BP

We're looking for exceptional HRBPs to join our team. These roles require a level of experience in HR (Generalist or Specialist field); or relevant transferable skills. We’d also love to meet HR Advisors ready for the next step in their career. We value you as a human - and all of the life experiences that you bring to the table. Full time and part time opportunities are available. Did we mention that a 9-Day fortnight (at full salary) is available after your onboarding journey?

ER Business Partner

We're looking for an ER Business Partner who would like to interview us for the opportunity to be their next employer. This role is for an experienced practitioner from a legal or human resources background who is looking for a new challenge where they can use their Employee Relations expertise to consistently manage interesting and sensitive matters in accordance with policy and legislation frameworks. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills required.

Human Resources Advisor

We're looking for an HR Advisor who would like to interview us for the opportunity to be their next employer. This role requires generalist HR knowledge or relevant transferable skills. A formal HR qualification is probably helpful at this early stage of your career. We operate a remote-first work model, we have a strong digital communication game. That said, we love connecting and have office hubs in multiple states - this role will be based in Sydney.

Let's chat about your next career move with HumanX

Working with HumanX FAQs

Careers FAQs

What training and career development does HumanX offer?

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There are many opportunities for you to develop your career at HumanX, with both on the job learning, and structured internal learning programs. We subscribe to an exposure-experience-education model that varies depending on what your growth goals are. 

We believe that continuing to find ways to grow your knowledge and skills is critical to reaching your full potential. We are supportive of our employees who require flexibility with their working arrangement in order further their formal education. Our Xplore Career Maps are structured models for setting intentions and goals, monitoring impacts, and planning growth. We co-design careers with our individuals, and take shared responsibility for seeing it through. 

Does HumanX offer additional leave?

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 We offer several leave options to help our people manage their work and life priorities.  

These include: 

  • H- Flex (9-day fortnight for full time employees who have passed probation) 
  • Health Leave 
  • Anniversary Leave 

Please see some of our benefits listed above on this page!

Does HumanX offer hybrid working?

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At HumanX, we are a distributed team. Hybrid working empowers us to work together flexibly, balancing time spent working in the office, at clients’ premises and at home. Hybrid working was implemented at the inception of HumanX and we’d like to think that we’re pretty darn good at it. 

We are a people business. We foster relationships and learn from each other. Our approach to hybrid working enables us to balance the requirements of our clients, colleagues and teams, taking advantage of the benefits of coming together in person and balanced with increased flexibility. 

Do you have a pet policy?

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Most of our team members are proud owners of pets (we consider them work-from-home associates, and the more well-behaved even visit our offices from time to time). We abide by the pet policies of whichever work space the human is working from that day. 

What equipment do you provide?

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We supply all team members with a laptop, and we ensure they’re equipped with all the tech and tools they need to have a full workstation both at home and the office. We also provide a talk+tech monthly allowance.

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