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Outsourced HR in Perth

Welcome to a new era of HR excellence in Perth. HumanX is here to transform your HR function; whether you have a fully formed HR department that isn't achieving business goals or your company has no HR presence to speak of, we can be on hand to help.

Strategic HR Outsourcing in Perth

Working with HumanX’s outsourced HR teams in Perth, we can take your HR set-up from paper pushing and tick boxing to strategic, data-driven initiatives without ever losing sight of that human-first approach. Outsourcing HR allows your business to remain agile, and our role is to give you the support you need, exactly when you need it. 

HumanX HR are equipped to be your entire HR department if this is what you need. That means we’ll handle employee relations, make sure all your HR foundations, policies and procedures are in place and manage the day-to-day. We’ll also integrate into your team, share your business objectives, and make them our goals too. As your HR partner, it will be our role to bring new ideas and build a HR strategy designed to achieve business success.

HumanX are also able to work with organisations in Perth on a single project, acting as additional, expert resource to resolve a specific issue or support on work that’s already underway. 

Make the best choice for your company. Speak to HumanX about HR outsourcing in Perth today. 

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Take A Personalised Approach to HR

The challenges that your business encounters are unique and sometimes unforeseeable. Your goals are personal. The market you operate in and the context of your business, matters. That’s why we never offer an off-the-shelf-solution. 

Many Outsourced HR solutions in Perth, or the rest of Australia, are packaged up and sold to companies as a one-size-fits-all product. HumanX are not a software. We offer a real HR service that will be designed for your business. The hours we agree, the specialists within our team that you work with, the frameworks and approaches we bring to the table, will all be tailored to each individual business partner. 

We do not think of ourselves as HR providers. When you choose to outsource your HR to HumanX, we operate as your business partners. You’ll always deal with our HR consultants, never a generic account manager or client accounts team because we believe in letting our experience and expertise speak for itself. 

Working with HumanX HR, you can expect us to bring our core values to the relationship. We do believe in the power of people, cohesive teams and a collective culture in the workplace. Whatever your business stage or HR maturity, our experts will challenge you to deliver better for your people, so they can do the same for you. Together, we can build a positive, ambitious culture, collaborative individuals, future leaders and teams that are on-board and excited by the direction of the organisation. All the while, we’ll help protect your company, tick every box and cross every T. 

Shaping positive spaces


Let’s talk

To get started, get in touch and have a chat with one of our experts. We can have an initial conversation around which areas we can support or what challenges your business is currently facing. Throughout this conversation it’s great to get to know your values; we’d love to tell you about ours, too.


HR audit or diagnostics

You may not actually know exactly which services you need support with, just that there’s a lack of HR presence in your business. Or you might be looking for guidance on a specific issue, that’s actually a symptom of a wider HR concern. This is actually quite common, particularly with small to medium sized businesses in Perth. We can kick off with a HR audit. This can evaluate the maturity of the HR in your organisation, identify risk and provide key recommendations on making a positive impact.


Let’s work together

After some initial sessions, our partners will know what HumanX are capable of and the benefits and insights we can bring to internal operation. Together, we will have determined if we are working together as an outsourced HR department, on a project, or on an ongoing consultancy basis to support your existing team. Naturally, these relationships all look a little different, but we will both know our roles and share a common goal - whether that’s modernising your approach to performance management, navigating a tricky time like an investigation or working together to manage an organisational restructure with a mission of consciously curating culture and improving engagement.

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Do you recognise your company in any of these scenarios?

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Our HR is too Toby-from-the-office

Everyone has strengths, both as professionals and as people. There are many situations in which using an external HR consultant is a more effective option.

Ultimately, HR can be a tricky position to hold in an organisation; striking the balance between employee-support and communicating the company’s message; empathy versus becoming an agony aunt; being the champion of culture whilst also being the person managing risk.

Bringing in HumanX to support your team means that everyone can play to their strengths. Our experts can create space for critical conversations, feedback honestly, without agenda, and help leaders make decisions based on real information. We can support Toby with performance management plans and work to achieve company goals together.

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Our HR department needs support

Modern HR leaders require skills in project management, business strategy, commercial awareness, coaching, talent management, compliance and workplace relations, remuneration, learning and development, and of course recruitment.

Outsourced HR experts can support the internal team without the distractions of politics, everyday requests and growing to do lists. Able to operate as an independent squad with a single focus or integrate into the team and fly alongside the existing HR managers to lead and deliver on projects, new initiatives or help cope with capacity.

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Need to get more out of the experts you already have

For business leaders who are craving space – both time and brain-space - a great HR team will understand that it is their job to enable people to do their best work. Choosing the right talent (or inviting the right talent to choose your business), designing a best-in-class learning and development program, and ensuring that your remuneration strategy is on point will help.

The gamechanger: coaching your leaders. This is the space where humans will grow, engage, and find their superpowers. Coaching is a skill in itself, it’s not every leader’s natural state. Great HR professionals have been equipped with coaching skills and understand that coaching is an ego-less journey that is critical to developing exceptional leaders. Structured coaching programs are a brilliant extra, but coaching in the workflow, and in day-to-day interactions between HR and leaders is a valuable must-have.

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My team tells me that communication needs improvement

If your team is feeding back to you that communication in the organisation needs improvement, they’re trying to tell you (without risking their jobs) that your communication needs improvement. Whether this is your communication directly, or as a leadership team, or simply internal systems and processes are not effective at allowing the flow of information, we can help.

Bringing external HR experts into a situation like this is efficient; we are able to zoom out and diagnose issues and challenges - from communication that may be causing frustration and high employee turnover to the root cause of disengagement. Better than that, we will also work with your organisation to develop the HR function to resolve any concerns, improve processes and mature the company’s approach to your people.

Build The Best Workplace in Perth with HumanX

Every company encounters issues, whether that’s market changes, increased competition, stagnated growth or something seemingly more HR specific, like high employee turnover, a dip in team morale or employee engagement, toxic leaders and resistance to change in the workplace. 

HumanX HR will help you unpick the problems that feel ingrained as well as the ones that have just cropped up. Our outsourced HR in Perth will show you how HR has the potential to propel your business and build a modern workplace. 

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Outsourced HR

HumanX is an award-winning Outsourced HR agency that delivers results. We design Outsourced HR solutions based on trusted frameworks and class leading industry experience. A perfect blend of strategic and tactical HR solutions that will elevate the human experience in your workplace.

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HR Consulting

With our HR agency, boost your internal capability and see better results in less time. Engage a consultant or team to drive and lead HR initiatives that lead to incredible company-wide results. We can develop or pick up HR projects that you just can’t get traction with or assist with a particular isolated problem.

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HR Foundations

How can you expect to build a solid team without solid foundations? Here at HumanX, we know your eyes are set to the future with plans for growth and projects on the horizon, but you can’t get there if your people aren’t with you and you aren’t protected. Work with HumanX to develop functional processes, reliable boundaries and compliances that set your company up for future success and solid HR foundations.

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Learning & Development

Create a culture of progression, drive employee buy-in and enjoy all the benefits that go with it when you build an employee learning and development program that suits your business. Investing in L&D contributes to better organisational performance. Engaged employees are more productive, innovative, and adaptable, leading to improved business outcomes, increased revenue, and a competitive advantage in the market.

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Workplace Investigations

We are a leading provider of independent, impartial and fair workplace investigation services to organisations dealing with allegations of inappropriate behaviour at work. Most internal teams do not have the experience, capacity or resources to properly investigate workplace complaints without any perceived bias. Outsourcing workplace investigations to an independent firm is a cost-effective and practical method that will help you ensure compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks.

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Employee Relations

Your people are your power and your relationships are what connect you. Creating a strong framework for your employee relations can protect your business when you need it most – and when you least expect it. Our employee relations consultants are qualified and bring a human-centric approach to workplace investigations, mediations, disciplinary matters, terminations and other disputes.

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