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Workplace solutions delivered by expert HR Business Partners to elevate the human experience at work.

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We are the HR agency that integrates and understands your team. But we will also challenge you to think better, grow smarter and consider your people first.

Outsourced HR

Award winning Outsourced HR agency that delivers results. We design Outsourced HR solutions based on trusted frameworks and class leading industry experience. A perfect blend of strategic and tactical HR solutions that will elevate the human experience in your workplace.

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HR Consulting

With our HR agency, boost your internal capability and see better results in less time. Engage a consultant or team to drive and lead HR initiatives that lead to incredible company-wide results. We can develop or pick up HR projects that you just can’t get traction with or assist with a particular isolated problem.

Employee Relations

Your people are your power and your relationships are what connect you. Creating a strong framework for your employee relations can protect your business when you need it most – and when you least expect it. Our ER consultants are qualified and bring a human-centric approach to workplace investigations, mediations, terminations and disputes.

Workplace Investigations

We’re unique in our approach. Whilst most other external workplace investigators or consultants are strictly fact-focused, we’re proud to investigate through a human resources-shaped approach. This gives us a unique platform to investigate from and leads to more sustainable, favourable outcomes for every member of your team involved in the process.

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