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Does the HumanX team work at their clients' offices or site?

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Absolutely we can! Our services can be delivered virtually or in - person at your office. It is up to you how you decide to engage us. Wherever possible, we’d love to show our faces around your office, it’s great for transparency, communication our relationship with you - and to let your teams get to know us too. Depending on our arrangement, your Outsourced HR team members could have regular, scheduled days to work from your office location.

Is HR outsourcing an ongoing arrangement or a short-term partnership?

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Our approach to Outsourced HR is to support your company, wherever and however it needs it.  We can operate as an additional resource, or better yet, ensure you have all hands on deck for a project launch or during change within the organisation. In most instances, HR outsourcing is a longer - term engagement, simply because this is how our clients choose to operate and this is how you will enjoy the biggest cost benefits  - with ongoing access to expertise and support from experienced HR consultants. 

Is it cheaper to outsource HR than hire someone in-house?

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It really depends on your particular HR requirements but when comparing a stand alone internal resource versus the capability of an Outsourced HR agency like HumanX HR then outsourcing becomes a much cheaper proposition. With the Outsourced HR model we are responsible for training and managing the HR team, the salary on-costs including Superannuation, leave entitlements and sick days. We take care of quality assurance and provide you the peace of mind of having a team of HR practitioners with diverse specialties that you can access as required. Not to mention the reduction in payroll tax and insurance costs. When you weigh up all these things then the answer becomes pretty simple.

Do you have off-the-shelf services?

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Our HR solutions are curated by humans, for humans. We design bespoke solutions for businesses big and small to ensure that you have access to the right HR support at the right time. If you think a standardised HR solution would work for your teams, we’d love to challenge that. Get in touch with our HR agency to explore potential HR solutions for your business.

Do your HR practitioners have specific HR skills?

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Our team of HR leaders have skills and experience in specific HR disciplines. Most importantly, everyone in our team has generalist experience to ensure that we always have one eye on the bigger picture. We align sector and industry experience to our clients' needs. To live our values, we ensure that our team is genuinely excited by the clients that we work with.

I need an experienced HR practitioner onsite – can you help?

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Absolutely. Our experienced team of 25+ HR experts are located across Australia and we deliver our outsourced HR solutions onsite and remotely where required.

What are the benefits of outsourcing HR?

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Outsourcing HR can speed up outcomes, relieve pressure on teams delivering HR projects, provide an objective lens to look at complex HR matters, and allow leaders to access HR expertise that is not available in-house. With the right Outsourced HR solution you can minimise your people risks and improve compliance with legislative employment requirements. Most importantly, Outsourced HR should facilitate your ability to achieve your organisational strategic goals by developing the right HR strategy underpinned by data and human-centric solutions. The best way is to consider us as your business partner.

Is Outsourced HR suitable for a business of any size?

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Yes! One of the most common questions that we are asked is "how many employees should I have before I bring HR into my business?" There is no right answer here, but we know the right questions to ask. HumanX supports teams that are large (1,000+ humans), small (less than 15) and scaling. Our bespoke outsourced HR models put together the right mix of skills and experience for your team.