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Outsourced HR

HumanX is an award-winning Outsourced HR agency that delivers results. We design Outsourced HR solutions based on trusted frameworks and class leading industry experience. A perfect blend of strategic and tactical HR solutions that will elevate the human experience in your workplace.

HR Consulting

With our HR agency, boost your internal capability and see better results in less time. Engage a consultant or team to drive and lead HR initiatives that lead to incredible company-wide results. We can develop or pick up HR projects that you just can’t get traction with or assist with a particular isolated problem.

HR Foundations

How can you expect to build a solid team without solid foundations? Here at HumanX, we know your eyes are set to the future with plans for growth and projects on the horizon, but you can’t get there if your people aren’t with you and you aren’t protected. Work with HumanX to develop functional processes, reliable boundaries and compliances that set your company up for future success and solid HR foundations.

Learning & Development

Create a culture of progression, drive employee buy-in and enjoy all the benefits that go with it when you build an employee learning and development program that suits your business. Investing in L&D contributes to better organisational performance. Engaged employees are more productive, innovative, and adaptable, leading to improved business outcomes, increased revenue, and a competitive advantage in the market.

Workplace Investigations

We are a leading provider of independent, impartial and fair workplace investigation services to organisations dealing with allegations of inappropriate behaviour at work. Most internal teams do not have the experience, capacity or resources to properly investigate workplace complaints without any perceived bias. Outsourcing workplace investigations to an independent firm is a cost-effective and practical method that will help you ensure compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks.

Employee Relations

Your people are your power and your relationships are what connect you. Creating a strong framework for your employee relations can protect your business when you need it most – and when you least expect it. Our employee relations consultants are qualified and bring a human-centric approach to workplace investigations, mediations, disciplinary matters, terminations and other disputes.

What it’s like to work with our HR agency


Discovery and deep-dive

We’re a HR agency of great listeners. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We kick-off our partnership with an in-depth discovery conversation to get to know you and your business. This isn’t just a consultation, our experts will dive deep to understand your business needs, goals, and aspirations, and craft a unique path forward to achieve your objectives by Outsourcing HR.


Co-design change

Together, we'll co-design a customised solution that reflects your aspirations and unique needs. We speak in your language and consider ourselves part of your team, not just your HR department. We're here to challenge assumptions, spark innovative ideas, and guide you through uncharted territory. Our HR agency will help you to navigate twists and turns with agility and resilience, and always keep our eyes on the horizon.


Support, collaboration and impact

We are do-ers. Working closely with you and your team, our HR agency has a proven track record of delivering projects and strategic performance goals.
Our ultimate goal is to amplify your impact by empowering your leaders and aligning your team. We're not just in it for the short-term; we're invested in your long-term growth and prosperity.

You're in good company

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We’re driven by our values

Faster and further together

Connection is our love language. We are committed to working collaboratively with our clients and with each other; operating with radical candour and transparency.

Great minds don't think alike

We capitalise on our collective: our natural abilities and our diverse life experiences. It's our natural state of flow where we find limitless inspiration and creativity.

Suit without a tie

We embrace our unique personality, with purpose: we show up with intention and passion. It's our energy and our vibe that is full of professionalism, humour and authenticity.

Our solutions in action

Building HR foundations, whilst mapping out the future after constant growth

Building HR foundations, whilst mapping out the future after constant growth

Total Image Group (TIG) are Australia’s premier provider of customised uniforms and bespoke branded clothing, from healthcare uniforms, to sports and fitness kits. TIG have been steadily growing since 2005 with over 300,000 Australians dressed by TIG every day.

Outsourcing HR sets business up for their next phase of success

Outsourcing HR sets business up for their next phase of success

Few and Far are a Sydney-based business that offers bespoke event styling and design services. Since its founding in 2015, the business has grown significantly, expanding its team and its services. Few and Far have a very clear ethos and identify. They are champions of slow, considerate purchasing.

 Workplace Investigation Case Study

Workplace Investigation Case Study

At HumanX, we recognise the significance of maintaining ethical and transparent workplace practices. Our expertise in workplace investigations empowers organisations to investigate allegations of wrongdoing swiftly and effectively. In this case study, we delve into a scenario involving fraudulent reporting of inaccurate hours and showcase how our meticulous investigation process ensures compliance, accountability, and the protection of your business's financial integrity. Most importantly, we conduct unbiased and procedurally fair workplace investigations that provide you the ability to make defensible decisions based on the outcomes of our findings.

Industries we work with

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Real estate
  • Transportation
  • Media and entertainment
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Energy and utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Government agencies
  • Insurance
  • Legal services
  • Consulting
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Aged care
  • Start-ups & Scale-ups
  • Disability
  • Pharmaceutical

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Our Clients say it best

"The depth of experience that the team bring to our design practice is invaluable. Supporting us in various HR workflows, but most importantly in strategic thinking that HumanX lean into has allowed a wonderful evolution on how we do business today. Highly recommend!"

Amie Frankel
Alexander & Co

"The team at HumanX HR have been absolutely invaluable in supporting City Recital Hall's business and people. They bring deep knowledge to their work matched by warmth, humour and insight. Highly recommend HumanX for outsourced HR services, they're the best at what they do!"

Justin Boschetti
Chief Executive Officer
City Recital Hall

"The guys at HumanX are amazing and I recommend them without question. HumanX manage our entire HR function and they've helped us navigate loads of challenging issues and have delivered incredible results for our business. Thanks team!"

Matt Wood
Chief Executive Officer

"The team at HumanX has consistently delivered exceptional advice, support, and HR solutions, meeting and exceeding our expectations. They have always gone above and beyond to understand our company's unique needs and provide tailored solutions that align with our goals. I wholeheartedly recommend HumanX for any business' HR needs."

Andrew White
Untitled Group

“HumanX have been really helpful in updating our employee agreements and general company policies. A really responsive and proactive team. Continue to get their assistance on various HR topics.”

Andrew McDade
Managing Director

“We have worked with Hich, Tahnee, Kirbie and the team for a long while. We engage them to carry out investigations for our clients. We do not do that lightly - we do it because of their professionalism and integrity. Always happy to recommend them.”

Warick Ryan
Employment Law Partner
Hicksons Lawyers

"I was impressed with HumanX's outsourced HR services. Their team was knowledgeable and tailored their approach to our needs, significantly improving our HR processes. Highly recommend for any business seeking expert HR support."

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Sofia Martinez
Blackdrop Co
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You’ve got questions?
We’ve got answers.


Does the HumanX team work at their clients' offices or site?

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Absolutely we can! Our services can be delivered virtually or in - person at your office. It is up to you how you decide to engage us. Wherever possible, we’d love to show our faces around your office, it’s great for transparency, communication our relationship with you - and to let your teams get to know us too. Depending on our arrangement, your Outsourced HR team members could have regular, scheduled days to work from your office location.

Is HR outsourcing an ongoing arrangement or a short-term partnership?

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Our approach to Outsourced HR is to support your company, wherever and however it needs it.  We can operate as an additional resource, or better yet, ensure you have all hands on deck for a project launch or during change within the organisation. In most instances, HR outsourcing is a longer - term engagement, simply because this is how our clients choose to operate and this is how you will enjoy the biggest cost benefits  - with ongoing access to expertise and support from experienced HR consultants. 

Is it cheaper to outsource HR than hire someone in-house?

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It really depends on your particular HR requirements but when comparing a stand alone internal resource versus the capability of an Outsourced HR agency like HumanX HR then outsourcing becomes a much cheaper proposition. With the Outsourced HR model we are responsible for training and managing the HR team, the salary on-costs including Superannuation, leave entitlements and sick days. We take care of quality assurance and provide you the peace of mind of having a team of HR practitioners with diverse specialties that you can access as required. Not to mention the reduction in payroll tax and insurance costs. When you weigh up all these things then the answer becomes pretty simple.

Do you have off-the-shelf services?

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Our HR solutions are curated by humans, for humans. We design bespoke solutions for businesses big and small to ensure that you have access to the right HR support at the right time. If you think a standardised HR solution would work for your teams, we’d love to challenge that. Get in touch with our HR agency to explore potential HR solutions for your business.

Do your HR practitioners have specific HR skills?

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Our team of HR leaders have skills and experience in specific HR disciplines. Most importantly, everyone in our team has generalist experience to ensure that we always have one eye on the bigger picture. We align sector and industry experience to our clients' needs. To live our values, we ensure that our team is genuinely excited by the clients that we work with.

I need an experienced HR practitioner onsite – can you help?

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Absolutely. Our experienced team of 25+ HR experts are located across Australia and we deliver our outsourced HR solutions onsite and remotely where required.

What are the benefits of outsourcing HR?

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Outsourcing HR can speed up outcomes, relieve pressure on teams delivering HR projects, provide an objective lens to look at complex HR matters, and allow leaders to access HR expertise that is not available in-house. With the right Outsourced HR solution you can minimise your people risks and improve compliance with legislative employment requirements. Most importantly, Outsourced HR should facilitate your ability to achieve your organisational strategic goals by developing the right HR strategy underpinned by data and human-centric solutions. The best way is to consider us as your business partner.

Is Outsourced HR suitable for a business of any size?

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Yes! One of the most common questions that we are asked is "how many employees should I have before I bring HR into my business?" There is no right answer here, but we know the right questions to ask. HumanX supports teams that are large (1,000+ humans), small (less than 15) and scaling. Our bespoke outsourced HR models put together the right mix of skills and experience for your team.

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