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Building HR foundations, whilst mapping out the future after constant growth

Total Image Group (TIG) are Australia’s premier provider of customised uniforms and bespoke branded clothing, from healthcare uniforms, to sports and fitness kits. TIG have been steadily growing since 2005 with over 300,000 Australians dressed by TIG every day.

Total Image Group (TIG) are Australia’s premier provider of customised uniforms and bespoke branded clothing, from healthcare uniforms, to sports and fitness kits. TIG have been steadily growing since 2005 with over 300,000 Australians dressed by TIG every day.

The Challenge

TIG is an ambitious company, with clear goals for continued business growth. Whilst their HR department was functioning, leaders and executives at TIG acknowledged that HR was a siloed function. They recognised that HR was not being leveraged fully or aligned with business goals and wanted to make data a more integral part of human resources and decision making. 

Whilst TIG’s growth has been exponential, the HR function was not maturing in line with the growth. If not planned correctly, TIG’s future plans and changes could be disruptive to employees and create a negative workplace experience. They needed effective HR consultants to build quality foundations and map out a blueprint for the future. 

Our Solution

HR Audit

HumanX’s work with Total Image Group began with a HR audit so that we could understand their current strategy and leadership style. This audit highlighted gaps that should be a fundamental part of HR, including vulnerabilities within their HR policies and procedures. Following this process, we also identified opportunities for HR to add better value to the business, firstly by making HR data management more impactful, utilising current systems and software utilised by TIG.

HR Foundations

Following the audit, HumanX’s Outsourced HR team worked with the in-house HR managers to ensure they had the tools and knowledge to stay on top of compliance requirements needed for quality foundations. This meant providing training on key issues, such as workplace health and safety, harassment and discrimination. We ensured that all HR policies are now aligned with legislative requirements.

Employee Engagement

Together, HumanX worked with TIG to create a framework that prioritises employee engagement and protects a positive workplace culture. We implemented strategies to open up communications channels, by setting up regular check-ins, feedback mechanisms and developing training programs. These are designed to empower, but also nurture employees through a time of transformation. It’s also an effective tool for talent retention.

Change Management

The work implemented for employee engagement stands TIG in good stead for embarking on further change. However, HumanX consultants worked with core stakeholders to coach effective communication, training from the top down on how to inform employees of the changes that were taking place. We supported TIG throughout the process, ensuring everyone was equipped to manage what comes next.

The Results

HumanX’s initial work, performing the HR health checks and creating solid, dependable foundations has reduced the risk to the company, which could have been opened further with more transformation. Together, we were also able to harness HR data and equip TIG with KPIs for the department. The harnessing of internal systems enables TIG to access real-time data to make informed, confident decisions. Overall, HR is now an integrated, crucial element of the business, especially as it is now measurable against targets. HR at Total Image Group now aligns with business goals and growth plans.

Our work with employee engagement has helped employees feel more valued and supported. The culture is thriving, with improved trust and confidence in leadership as a result of the reliable communication channels. Furthermore, by involving employees in the change management process and providing them with the support they needed, HumanX were able to minimise resistance and ensure a smooth transition.

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What our clients say about us

CEO, Pamela Jabbour agrees, adding that "The work we've done with HumanX has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our growth goals. They've helped us to create a culture of excellence and engagement, and that's been critical to our success."

Pamela Jabbour

Total Image Group

"We knew we needed to get our HR foundations right before we could build anything else on top of it," says Anne-Marie Mina, Operations Manager at TIG. "HumanX helped us to get there. They made sure we were compliant and managing risk effectively, and that gave us the confidence to move forward with our growth plans."

Anne-Marie Mina

Total Image Group

"We've seen a real difference in employee engagement since we started working with HumanX," says Anne-Marie Mina. "They've helped us to create a culture where our employees feel valued and supported, and that's been critical to our success."

Anne-Marie Mina

Total Image Group

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