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Cherray McWhirter

Manager, Business Support

Cherray is the Manager, Business Support at HumanX. Cherray has developed a deep understanding of practical and human-centric business operations, identifying inefficiencies, and implementing solutions to increase productivity, profitability and happiness at work. 

Cherray is responsible for overseeing and executing the day-to-day operations of HumanX, ensuring that business processes are streamlined and optimised to support our vision to elevate the human experience at work. She is highly skilled in managing budgets, analysing data, project management and is committed to continuous improvement and finding new ways to optimise the talent and capability of our team and our agency. 

Cherray is a warm communicator, a great collaborator and loves a bit of hustle. She builds and maintains relationships quickly and her personal values fit her perfectly into this role of chief connector, wrangler and support to our team.  Cherray's leadership journey is relatable, accessible and honest - her ability to lead and inspire comes from an authentic drive to live and breathe HumanX's vision and values.