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Stacey Wright

HR Business Partner

Stacey is a HR Business Partner at HumanX. Stacey is a seasoned HR professional with over a decade of experience as an HR generalist across diverse sectors. Known for her proactive approach and lifelong learning mindset, Stacey is a self-motivated individual, always seeking new challenges to enhance her skills and expertise. She has consistently delivered high levels of service and performance in her previous roles, supported organisations through significant periods of change and transition, and provided advice and guidance on a range of HR matters.

As a generalist, Stacey’s experience extends to the entire HR remit, but her passion lies in employee engagement, leveraging her strengths in communication, creativity, data analytics, and problem-solving as well as training and development, offering coaching, mentoring, and support to foster the success of individuals and organisations.

With a down-to-earth and calm personality, Stacey is a flexible, resilient, and quietly confident achiever who takes pride in working hard and achieving stunning results.